Someone has rightly said, ”The destiny of nation is shaped in classrooms”. Really only teachers can erect the study structure of any society”.


The great saint and visionary Swami Vivekanand had once said , ”My academic knowledge without deep rooting in human values will only give rise to personalities who become rich, but poor in self understanding, peace and social concern”.


We live in competitive, swift-changing era where the students are facing challenge and making strenuous efforts to carve a niche in their career . We see that scientific growth and advancement in technology has shrunk geographical distances and rendered the world into a global village which is multi-cultural ,multi-religious, multi-lingual and therefore a multi-faceted entity in itself. The present generation, then has an important role to play in taking the country to its promised destiny. So education, in the present context, should enable the learners to fulfill their responsibilities towards their family, society and the nations well.


We take care to inculcate the values of tolerance, understanding, fearlessness, social sensitivity and the ability to resolve problems amongst our students we could not fulfill even a small fraction of the teaching-learning process without active involvement of our school parents .My sincere thank to my entire teaching staff for their diligence and dedication.


It is our relentless pursuit to provide complete education, the one which equips. The student with the sword of knowledge, the arm our of values and the vision of a leader to face life as it comes. In the end, I would ardently wish that our young learners should tirelessly attempt to excel in all endeavors of life.